About us

We have been a leading supplier of EMS and specialty gloves since our founding in 1988.

Our product development has been based on clinical and laboratory research, including a landmark study by John Hopkins University confirming our theory that thicker gloves offer greater protection. The study demonstrated that our gloves had better durability and fewer pinholes post-usage than gloves from other manufacturers in the study.

We continue to lead the market with innovation and technology advancements that even large multi-national companies have attempted to copy. Given the proprietary nature of our technology, we are confident the most significant attributes and benefits of our product remain uniquely Digitcare’s.

Our APEXPro™ glove series is the most significant product development in the First Responder Market in decades. With APEXPro™, we introduced the first 2-ply glove for unparalleled durability and protection. In addition, we are the only company with a true 5.0 - 5.5 pH interior coating for optimal hand, skin health. We continue to innovate and offer products that end-users in all medical disciplines can realize clinical benefits and improved outcomes.

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“The cornerstone of our growth will be quality, customer focus and innovation”
— Bill Jordan, President & CEO, Digitcare Corporation


APEXPro™  LC100

ApexPro™ LC100 is our breakthrough product that has revolutionized the EMS glove industry. It features our 2-Ply technology for optimized strength and puncture resistance. 


Our FrontLine™ nitrile gloves are designed to meet the demands of First Responders, medical, clinical and industrial workers. They provide an effective barrier against blood-borne pathogens.

ApexPro XP

APEXPro™  XP100

Apex Pro™ XP100 offers excellent contrast to synthetic opiates. Law Enforcement, Corrections and EMS will benefit from this added visual protection. 



Our Defender™ gloves are designed to meet the unique demands of those who serve and protect us.